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Microsoft Imagine X

Microsoft Imagine X
by RUTHERFORD ANTIPOLO - Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 3:52 PM


BSCS Students - get the design and developer tools that the pros use.  Go to Microsoft Imagine X and   download professional software at no cost to students. 

  Procedure to access the Microsoft Imagine X.

  1. BSCS Student/Faculty must complete the MSDNAA Access Requisition form (MAR) in the IT Department (RM118)

  2. BSCS Student/Faculty must have their own email address.

  3. IT personnel will send an email that they provided from the application with the temporary password.

  4. After they have successfully logged in. Student/Faculty are required to change their password.

  5. BSCS Student/Faculty may download the available Microsoft software.

  6. BSCS Student/Faculty will be provided a product key (single user) after downloading the software.

  7. BSCS Student/Faculty will be given a one year access to Microsoft Imagine X website and needs to re-validate after one year period.

  8. For reactivation of account. BSCS Student must present valid COR (certificate of registration) for the current term to the IT personnel.